MONTBLANC brand introduction

  Wan Bao long historical evolution: MONTBLANC illustrious history dating back to 1906. When a stationer, a banker and an industrialist, combined with a three-person business acumen and enthusiasm, decided in Germany Hamburg set up companies that make pens. In 1924, the company created a classic fountain pen brand: "Montblan Meisterst ü CK". For years, this legendary brand introduced a style of writing utensils with unique, different writing tools. For example: MONTBLANC pen holder set with jewels Boh è me pen, modern design matches with a transparent pen StarWalker, there inlaid 4810 flawless diamonds lined "Montblanc Meisterst ü CK Solitaire Royal" pens, the Guinness Book of extraordinary value has been included as one of the most expensive pens in the world.
in 1935, the MONTBLANC extension to leather, produced by a process using the most exquisite traditional leather tanning process. In 1992, leather goods made specifically MONTBLANC Montblanc Leather GmbH in Offenbach leather factories. Featured premium leather here receive traditional production processes and technologies, into pieces of fine leather goods business, travel and leisure products. From matching luxury lined flight bag to card holders, each yijianwan baolong leather has extraordinary workmanship and classic design, best is your reliable and indispensable companion.
Wan Bao long of each product on the legendary White Star patterns, people could tell at a glance from the famous MONTBLANC pen. This star symbolizes Europe covered by snow on the peak, but also represents the brand requirements of Mont Blanc peak. These requirements are not only related to the quality of the product, but also maintains the brand image, because the MONTBLANC company origins of positioning itself as one of the most ancient human cultural assets: writing culture.
the assurances of its cultural assets also reflects the MONTBLANC corporate philosophy. In our fleeting, when daily life, is enduring, classic Montblanc products represent loyal to traditional values, reflect the true meaning of life: the time betting on something worth paying; with time to think, experience, achieve their goals and ideals.
in 1997, MONTBLANC watch company was established, the launch of the watch collection entirely suit the brand philosophy. Watch-making location Le Locle in Switzerland the Jura mountains in the country. Time seems to have stopped in the passage, because it is the birthplace of watch-making, and Le Locle is Switzerland watch-making Center. At this time on the island, fusion of tradition and modernity, as set out in table factory building is a great tradition of Art Nouveau villas, but played an innovation in the old part of the building's exterior design. This year Switzerland MONTBLANC boutique series of international watch fair here is hand-made. Includes "Montblanc Profile Lady Whitegold" luxury diamond women's Watch, as well as superior "TimeWalker Chronograph" Chronograph, it embodies the avant-garde techniques of Montblanc traditional precision timing.
brand concept: MONTBLANC Boutique has a classic aesthetic design, adhere to the use of almost 100 years of history, fine and elegant European traditional crafts. Each finished product is a unique work of art, specifically dedicated to the grade pay attention to customers, because their attention is not only beautiful and practical features, and brand personality and meaning.

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