The origin of gift

  in today's business affairs, gifts play a very important role. According to statistics, in the United States in business activities, annual gifts of more than 100 million pieces, amounting to us $ 4 billion.
business gifts, Americans call special advertising, advertising promotions, brand, corporate image most direct advertising. Appropriate gifts express your mind, and let the other person does not learn to accept advertising, propaganda or promotion effectiveness, does a lot of business customers. In General, business gifts are divided into four categories: public relations gifts, Conference gifts, promotional gifts, gifts and celebrations. This Division, covering almost all purposes and forms of gift, benefit to enterprises in the process of business operations.
"gift" around the world tell
we live in a "ceremony" of the environment, if you do not speak of "ritual", was difficult, being cast aside. Ask to gifts, liaison to gifts, "to dress", "people don't blame", which is an ancient Chinese proverb, it is still useful today.
investigation noted that Japan was able to successfully play United States market, one of the most secret weapon was a small Japanese gift. In other words, the Japanese opened with a small gift United States markets, small gift has played an invaluable role in business communication.
now the commodity society, "Lee" and "Li" are linked together, often "profits" and "courtesy", "ceremony" after "interests", "Li", "profit", which has become a general rules of business communication. In this sense it is not difficult to understand, difficult lies in on the operation, the gift of an eye whether you get home, can do is of a retired nature, and be able to move people's hearts. This is the key to business gifts.

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